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Hello Again! We are so sorry it has taken so long to get this site back up and running. But you know the old adage what can go wrong will? Sometimes life is laughable and not on your time schedule.

You will notice we will be rolling out sections and galleries as we progress. There is a brand new menu that will have sections missing initially but think it's a better working model than before. So if you run into something that isn't quite there, it will be soon.

Because so many of you want to see the houses that SunRay and Bonnie built as well as the homestead aka SunRay Shire we will be adding galleries for them all. You may see different formats until we settle on what works the best. If you have time to send us feedback we would really enjoy hearing from you.

New sections are being added and others combined. SunRay and Bonnie desire to focus more time and energy on things that keep them closer to home so they can enjoy the Shire and it's residents and guests. This includes building, designing, and installing yurt kits on site, which will eventually offer plans for sale. There is a new section for "Yurt Kits" that explains how it all works with some examples of past and recent projects.

SunRay enjoys the time and vision of architectural drawing and seeing the creations come to fruition so he is letting everyone know his skill is for hire for custom designs and blueprints. All you need to do is email him and he will arrange a time to chat with you to collaborate on your next project. In" Designing with SunRay" there is a short explanation of the process.

If you have been watching SunRay the last few years you may have seen his glorious custom Vardos or Gypsy Wagons, or maybe you've seen him traveling down the road in one. His last custom Vardos had lots of unique features and we have the information and photos in "Tiny Home on Wheels". We have added information and photos of others he's completed along with a glimpse of the construction process. SunjRay and Bonnie are currently taking orders for the next custom Vardos so if it's on your wish list it could be time to help make your dream a reality. Just email SunRay and find out "What's Possible"!

If you have plans to travel to or live in the Pacific Northwest we currently have two of our cabins available on VRBO at this time, reservations go quickly so plan ahead. There is more information on our VRBO page with information and links to the booking site. Depending on demand we may open other opportunities in the near future.

We wanted to thank you for continuing to visit the website, we hope you enjoy the new format and look, it's lighter and relaxed to more closely reflect our lifestyle.

Blessings, Love, and Light,

SunRay Kelley and Bonnie Howard
SunRay Kelley Designs
SunRay Shire, SPC

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