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‘Once you live in a round house, you never go back to a square house’

SunRay Kelley

SunRay Kelley Designs

.SunRay Shire consists of 14 Occupied homes, of which currently 2 are on VRBO for vacation stays and most are named after the elements. The Garden House, Mushroom House, Stump House, Bobs Yurt Cabin, Sky House, Yoghurt House, Waterfall House, Earth House, Om Dome Temple, Phoenix Rising Treehouse, The Hoot, The Roundhouse Yurt, The Timber Framed Yurt Cabin, Open Air Tree House (Grandchildren's treehouse) The “Garden House” can comfortably sleep 12 people. It was home for SunRay and his partner for a decade, until they decided to open it up to the public for Spring and Summer workshops and “other conscious gatherings.” Even the fruits orchards are offered as camping grounds for the weary traveler to pitch a tent. All are pictured in the slide show below.

SunRay Kelley and Bonnie Howard


What you will witness when arriving at SunRay Shire to either visit, work, or vacation in one of our VRBO cabins is first a sense of wonder and awe. With the exceptin of our vacation cabins all residences are occupied with families. You will be struck with just how peaceful it is. With several stocked trout ponds , streams, and waterfalls you will begin to feel the flo as you walk around in nature. During the harvest season you could witness apples being picked then made into cider. Or enjoy a dish of roasted potatoes fresh from the garden.

Relax and Enjoy!

SunRay Shire hosts a number of events each year. At anytime you could witness a workshop, wedding, family reunion, retreat, or just the community getting together for a monthly Barter dinner. Often times there is a bon fire near the community kitchen with some enjoying the sauna across the bridge in the woods, or a dip in the pond. There is so much to see and do on the homestead you may not want to leave but know that the surrounding community has lots to offer as well. Most of all though you enjoy the sights, sounds, architecture, art, and conversation with loving and caring people who love their life on the Shire!


SunRay Shire is part of SunRay's Grandfather Janicki's original homestead. Grandma and Grandpa were Polish immigrants. His Mother moved with Grandpa and Grandma to Western Washington from Chicago in 1920. She was the oldest of 10 children and was the first one in her family to speak English. The old growth cedar trees had been logged from the property when his Grandfather bought the land. SunRay grew up on Cultus Mountain playing on those big old growth stumps, climbing trees and building forts in the woods. He's never lost the love of those things that is why the stump house is built on one of those old growth stumps.

Growing Up In The Cascade Mountains Of Western Washington SunRay Developed A Profound Love Of The Trees. Over The Last Forty Five Years he has Developed An Organic Style Of Round Pole Timber Framing That Celebrates The Beauty Of The Natural Forms Around him. His Goal Is To Use his Architecture To Reconnect People With Nature And Their Own Playful Imaginations So They May Expand What They See As Possible. SunRay Shire is the living example of his vision. “Nature, to me, is the great healer. Nature surrounds us all the time, yet if we’re isolated all the time, or we’re in a car, or we don’t spend time outside, we’re less connected from the rest of the whole of us. So that isolation that we’re feeling increases,” he said. “But if we go for a walk or we jump in the pond, all these things invigorate us, connect us and bring us joy.”

Partners in love and Life

SunRay Shire is frequently described as a fairy tale village or something out of the Hobbit. Sunray Shire is the home and homestead of SunRay Kelley and Bonnie Howard. It is their retreat, the place they escape to after they are out on a build away from home and the sanctuary they enjoy where they can be inspired and create together. It is the epitome of their ultimate Happy Place. SunRay has lived on this homestead all his life and Bonnie joined him shortly after meeting during the Harbin Temple build. They love to share the joy of the homestead and the wonderful works of art. A visit to SunRay Shire has even been life changing for some receiving the love and light they experience.

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