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SunRayu2019s Talent For Design And Construction Spans Many Mediums From Electric Trikes and Hybrid Electric RVu2019s, To Bronze Sculptures, Paintings And Hand Carved Doors. He Is As Comfortable Designing And Building Multifunction, Wood Fired Mass Heaters As He Is Designing And Building A Timber Framed, Straw Bale And Cob Home.

You Can Commission Your Own One Of A Kind SunRay Kelley Design. A SunRay Creation Always Inspires A Sense Of Wonder And Delight As Surely As It Is Of Lasting And Quality Construction. SunRay Is Happy To Help You Manifest Your Dreams Today!

SunRay Designs For The Specific Needs, Desires And Budget Of The Individuals He Is Collaborating With To Create A Building That Is Also In Harmony With The Climate And Unique Aspects Of The Building Site. u00a0His Use Of Bioregional Materials And Site Specific Designs Creates Structural Sculptures That Celebrate And Cooperate With The Environment From Which They Spring. There Is Always An u201cAweu201d Factor To His Creations And They Never Fail To Inspire And Tickle The Imagination.

SunRay Begins With A Lengthy Exchange To Find Out The Specific Needs And Wants Of The Individual, Family Or Organization With Whom He Is Collaborating.

SunRay Likes To Visit The Site When Possible But Can Work From Photos, Video And Detailed Conversation About The Site; Its Resources, Attributes And Challenges.

Next SunRay Starts Drafts Of Sketches And Floor Plans Until A Plan Emerges, That Meets The Various Design Parameters. u00a0These Design Drafts Are Then Reviewed By The Project Patrons To Refine Or Redirect The Design Work. When There Is Final Agreement About The Design Detailed Construction Plans Are Drawn.

No Worries If Your Project Requires County Review And Permitting. u00a0Although SunRayu2019s Creations Are Unique, His Framing Designs Follow Tried And True Methods Engineers Are Happy To Attach Their Stamp To. u00a0u00a0u00a0As Long As The Framing Plan Is Stamped By An Engineer We Have Never Had Trouble Using Straw Bale, Light Straw Or Cob As Infill Between Posts And Studs. u00a0Cob Is An Approved Exterior Finish In Counties Like Santa Barbra With Strict Regulations For Fire Prevention. By Adding A Sprinkler System SunRayu2019s Living Roofs Also Pass Fire Codes In Dry Counties.

Excerpts from articles with SunRay:

Kelley has never been one for straight lines. Heu2019s preferred generous, embracing curves since his college days at Western Washington University.

u201cThey give you a T-square and a triangle, and tell you to go draw plans. But they also give you what they call the French curve, you know, which is just [a tool for] gorgeous curves. So [I thought,] u2018forget the straight lines and go crazy with the French curve,u2019u201d he said.

Kelleyu2019s experiments with the French curve inspired his first creation, the Earth House, which he built while still in college. Since then, heu2019s built homes of circular designs along the West Coast, as well as in New Mexico, Colorado and Costa Rica. His proudest achievement to date is the Harbin Hot Springs Temple in northern California. This year, heu2019s working on a project in Vermont.


SunRay Kelley Is A Freelance Consultant, Builder, Designer, And Educator Based In Washington State And Northern California. For Over Thirty Years, He Has Been Connecting People With Nature Through His Building And Teaching Projects Across The World.

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