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Costa Rica Timber Frame

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This 1600 sq ft timber framed family home for Gerard and Marin Rupp was an international collaboration.  Gerard is Swiss.  Marin is French and they live in Montreal with their children.  The project took place at La Ecovilla outside of San Mateo in Costa Rica.   Their friends Frances, Titlan, and Breeze made up the French contingency of our crew.  Eduardo, Migel, Joseph, Diago and Luis were the Costa Rican part of our crew that was assembled by our Costa Rican engineer Christian Carranza. Eduardo, Christian, Tamera and Daniel our wood procurers are all part of the neighboring community of Tacotal.  Ecovilla is one of the many sustainable living projects our American friends Steven Brooks has going in Costa Rica.  Marcelo Valansi, Argentinean, is the resident manager and real estate broker for La Ecovilla.  Marcelo, along with his lovely wife Sol and their darling boys, serve this growing international community as good neighbors and networkers.   From foundation to living roof in four weeks, this could never have happened without the participation of this amazing cast of characters.  Merci, gracias and thank you to our beloved brothers and sisters!

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