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The SunRayzor

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The SunRayzor is built on a Catrike recumbent tricycle and comes with:

Aluminum battery boxes, Pheonix crystalline 72 volt - 2880 watt electric motor and a 72 volt lithium ion battery pack.   This Basic Kit is $7700

Aluminum framed polycarbonate windshield $900

Aluminum framed polycarbonate full body shell $1900


SunRay Kelley's New SunRayzor

by madetowatchmedia

©2012 Made To Watch Media. All Rights Reserved.

SunRay Kelley's human-electric hybrid SunRayzor is ready to ride. SunRay electrified his made-in-the-USA recumbent Catrike with a 72 volt Crystalyte hub motor and lithium-ion batteries. A custom-built rain shield and interchangeable windshield round out the package.  SunRay and his work were recently featured in The New York Times, MTV Cribs Extreme and HGTV's "Home Strange Home".  Find out more about SunRay at  Learn more about Made To Watch at


Sunray's latest creation is the SunRayzor, a human-electric hybrid.Sunray electrified his made-in-the-USA recumbent Catrike. Stay tuned for more of Sunray's electric dream machines.  ©2011-2012 Made to Watch Media.  All Rights Reserved.  madetowatchmedia

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