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Sunray is starting his magical forest retreats with the renovation of the stumphouse.  This little hermitage is located in the heart of a second growth stand of huge cedar and fir trees.   This off the grid retreat overlooks the new trout pounds, has available a sauna, composting toilet, and a two story tree house pavillion.  For vacation rental inquiries email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

National Geographic just finished five days of filming on the homestead. We will announce air date and times as they become available here and through Facebook. 

Home Strange Home visited the Homestead it is listed under EP 108 and we are hoping to be able to link to the snippet of the show.    HGTV Home Strange Home

In response to questions regarding the NY times article:


We live a chop-wood and grow-your-own-vegetables lifestyle here on the homestead.    Instead of working away from home all day to make money to buy food and pay big utility bills we grow a lot of our own food and make our own heat.  This allows us to not only reduce our dependency on external currency incomes, but also allows us to be more in charge of our own time and work environment.  This lifestyle is not for everyone. For some, wood fire systems don’t work because there is no switch on the wall.  

When heating your home is harder than turning a knob, you are more likely to think about ways to conserve. Everyone’s time in front of electric devices is rationed. I wish more Americans had a chance to live for a while off the grid, with only the electricity they can generate from their own solar or hydro.  If you do, you’ll be much more careful about how you use electric power, and it will quickly stop the endless arguments parents have with their kids about getting off the computer or stop playing video games.  Kids intrinsically know it is only fair to share the limited amount of electricity.  Once you live off the grid you are never quit the same.

We are grid-tied here on the homestead, but our time off the grid makes us more aware of how we use power and more committed to making our land energy independent.  We are currently working on a hydroelectric system, and want to invest in more solar equipment. This is how we can reduce demand for the grid’s electricity, which is usually tied to nuclear and/or fossil fuels.  Each of us can make a difference and protect our environmental and economic futures by consuming less energy and, when possible, becoming part of a growing patchwork of independent, green power producers. 

The NY Times article is online (click this link to check it out). You can also view by visiting NY and click on the Home and Garden link on the left hand menu.  There is a wonderful slideshow called "It's Always SunRay in Washington State".  There is a link to this website so you can also check out SunRays other work.  


Photo by Camille Nordgren

A picture of the yurt art studio on the Homestead.  This is an example of the Yurt Kits that are now  available. Continue to check back forrecent examples of completed yurt kits. They will be listed under the menu items Strawbale and Cob Houses and Yurts.  This is a link to one of the latest yurts Casa de Guthrie.

Photos by Camille Nordgren, Bonnie Howard, and Suzanne Dege




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